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With Indeed, you only ever pay when candidates click on your jobs. When you sponsor a job on Indeed, you can choose from two budget options: Simple and Advanced.

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Set Up

Choose how much you want to spend per day or per month

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Choose how much you want to spend in total

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Recurring - the daily or monthly budget you set automatically renews at the end of the calendar month

Tee Sleeve Front Print Roaring Lion Baseball Button Short Fancy Lifetime - once your job budget is exhausted, the posting is removed, you can increase the budget to reactivate

Maximum Cost Per Click (CPC)

Indeed manages your Maximum Cost Per Click based on how much your daily or monthly budget is

You manually manage your Maximum Cost Per Click

When does the spending stop?

You can pause or close your job at any time, as well as set an end date

The job will automatically stop spending when the budget is used, you can also pause or close your job at any time, or set an end date

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Your job budget is the tool that allows you to control what you spend advertising your job.  The Simple Budget will manage your funds on a recurring schedule until the job is paused, closed, or it hits the selected end date.  The Advanced Budget will be spent as the clicks from job seekers happen and will be stopped when the budget is exhausted, paused or closed.

Maximum Cost Per Click

Your Maximum Cost Per Click (CPC) impacts your Sponsored Job’s visibility on Indeed. The higher your Max CPC, the closer to page 1 your job will be placed.  Max CPC should be set based on the skill requirements for the job you are trying to fill.  On the Simple Budget, having a higher daily or monthly budget will allow for a higher CPC bid in search results.  On the Advanced Budget you will be able to manually set your CPC.

Want more sponsored jobs training? Check out our free training courses on Indeed Academy.

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