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The Office of Sponsored Students at WVU exists to help accommodate the needs of the University's sponsored student.

Am I a sponsored student?

J Store Shorts Boutique Factory Crew Sponsored Students are students who receive a financial scholarship from a government, an organization or a company- not from private individuals/companies. Sponsors have an established contract with WVU and are billed directly. Sponsors are usually based in the student’s home country. 

What does the Office of Sponsored Students do?

Our Role of the office of sponsored students is to be a central liaison between you, your sponsor and WVU by providing specialized administrative services, advising, and other program management related to the specific requirements of your sponsor.

Academic Report Request

Please click here to submit an academic report request.

Please use this request system for the following:

  • Registration Verification
  • Scholarship Extension
  • Major Change Approval
  • Major Explanation / Intent to study a particular major
  • Class Withdrawal Approval
  • Online Course Permission
  • Other types of requests for your Embassy/Scholarship

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