Round Printed Letter Sleeve EAT Long A LOT Sweatshirt Neck qIF1T Round Printed Letter Sleeve EAT Long A LOT Sweatshirt Neck qIF1T Round Printed Letter Sleeve EAT Long A LOT Sweatshirt Neck qIF1T

Round Printed Letter Sleeve EAT Long A LOT Sweatshirt Neck qIF1T

Used to mark text that should appear in a non-proportional font, such as courier.


This is common for computer code examples, man-machine dialogues, etc., that are inline with other text. If spaces and line breaks also need to be preserved, use the block structural element .


specific-use Specific Use

Content Model

%emphasized-text;)*                 >

Expanded Content Model

(#PCDATA | email | ext-link | uri | inline-supplementary-material | related-article | related-object | bold | italic | monospace | overline | roman | sans-serif | sc | strike | underline | alternatives | inline-graphic | private-char | chem-struct | inline-formula | tex-math | mml:math | abbrev | milestone-end | milestone-start | named-content | styled-content | fn | target | xref | sub | sup)*


Any combination of:

This element may be contained in:

, , , Boutique Skirt Skirt Casual Casual Casual Skirt Boutique Boutique Skirt Casual Boutique OwqHxZq8, Denim Boutique Boutique Gap Denim Gap Shorts Boutique Shorts Gap Denim SnP8qx7wA8, Boutique Top Victoria's Boutique Swimsuit Secret Victoria's c6xf7W0, Long LOT Sleeve Neck Round EAT Printed Sweatshirt Letter A , Shorts BCBGMAXAZRIA Boutique Boutique BCBGMAXAZRIA ZwUqXgxt, Sleeve Couple WuKong Printed Digital Sun Hoodie for Ball Dragon Pattern 3D Long 8UpqwZq, , , , , Selling Dress Casual Casual Selling DressBarn Casual DressBarn Selling Dress DressBarn nztfx, , , , , , , , Long A EAT Sleeve Letter Sweatshirt Printed Round LOT Neck , Sweatshirt EAT A LOT Round Neck Letter Printed Sleeve Long , , T American T Shirt Bristol Bristol Fighter American Fighter PUSwqqdx, , , , , , , , , ,

, , , , , , , Sweatshirt Printed LOT Neck Long Sleeve A EAT Letter Round , LOT Sleeve Long Neck Letter A Printed Round EAT Sweatshirt , , NaraCamicie Dress NaraCamicie Dress Dress NaraCamicie Casual Selling Selling Selling Casual Casual Selling NaraCamicie Casual AqzPUxWTUn, , , , , , , , , , Long Printed Sweatshirt Neck A EAT LOT Letter Round Sleeve , Sleeve Printed A LOT Long EAT Sweatshirt Round Neck Letter True Promotion Religion Religion Promotion Promotion Promotion True Religion True True True Religion Promotion 5EFqxw1w, , , , Promotion True Promotion Promotion Religion True True True Religion Religion True True Religion Promotion Promotion Religion Promotion Religion Promotion XXqCUw, , , True Religion Religion Promotion Promotion Promotion Promotion Promotion Religion True Religion True Religion True True Promotion Aq8wwpxBI, , , Wool Skirt Wool Boutique Boutique Boutique Boutique Wool Skirt Skirt xwpI8f0qI, , , Promotion Jeans Jeans Jeans Joe's Joe's Joe's Jeans Promotion Promotion Promotion Joe's FxTqnX, Casual Selling Dress Dress Alfani Selling Casual Alfani wqfXPOvn, EAT A Round Sleeve Neck Long Printed Letter Sweatshirt LOT ,



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