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Pullover Boutique Sweater St John's Bay vqqp8wg

If you've never time-traveled, then take it from us – Stargrazer will be your personal slingshot through time and space. This Schwarzbier is a jet-black mystery, delivering a surprisingly light body and bright hop profile without the heavy roast qualities you find in most dark beers. It’s as black as the night sky, yet amazingly refreshing and smooth. How do they do it? It’s like, science. Don’t overthink it, just enjoy.

 Producer Pullover Sweater Boutique St Bay John's Bauhaus Brew Labs
 Alcohol 5% alc/vol

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Varietal Boutique Pullover St Bay John's Sweater Sweater Pullover Bay Boutique St John's Facts

Varietals 201: Carmenere/Carménère

One of the original 6 Bordeaux varietals, Carménère was once thought to be Merlot until slight differences were discovered.
Region(s) Best Known For Producing This Varietal: (Médoc) Bordeaux, (Central Valley) Chile, (Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia) Italy, (Walla Walla) Washington, California Flavours and Aromas: The grape is usually used in blends rather than on its own and has a beautiful deep red colour, Crimson actually,...

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Pullover Boutique Sweater St John's Bay vqqp8wg Pullover Boutique Sweater St John's Bay vqqp8wg
Materials 60% Cotton, 40% Acrylic